Management Team

Mrs.Shylaja H Vittala

Shylaja H Vittala

Shylaja H Vittala


An innovator and has experience in successfully commercializing new technology and with a blend of marketing experience is well suited to managing the venture. She has also nurtured new talents in this field.

Dr. Vijaya Vittala  C B

Consultant,Mechanical and design

He has a background in innovation management. He has expertise in handling of R& D sector specially for the innovation management. He has specially equipped with understanding the key knowledge for the specific segment. He has successfully mentored innovations for national Innovation Foundation and one of the technical adviser to NIF. He provided freelance service to several company in the areas of innovation management.

Dr.Sudhi H Rao

Consultant, Finance and management

Has experience in providing international marketing advice for private and public sector firms targeting Asian markets.

Suresh H Rao

Consultant, Technical

Has experience in IT industry and provides assistance in the IT related issues


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