About Our Company

Dharma Technologies was incorporated on 1st July 2004 for the purposes of acquiring / developing  peeling Machine technology for nuts / fruits. The company raised Rs. 50 Thousand from internal sources to develop and refine the technology, and to determine the potential market for the product. Dharma Technologies has invested significant resources till date in developing prototypes, Market survey and physically testing the Dharma peeling machine -against competitors by comparing its key competitive advantages of higher processing capacity and the lower percentage of the kernel damage, energy efficiency, compactness and reduced noise levels.

Company will make continued investment in R&D to ensure that the peeling technology has numerous product applications and continued technological superiority

Company believes in creating simplified technology with minimal maintenance and value to their processed products

Company has been established to develop and market commercial applications for an innovative product based on peeling technology and other innovative products based on areca plantation products and other several applications have been identified for the new technology to deseed the arils from pomegranate, onion skin peeling . DT  R&D has successfully developed and rolled out the following products since its inceptions.

The mission of the company is

To offer Cost effective agro processing solutions with appropriate maintenance free technologies.

Vision of the company:

DT equipments in every village


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